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Hoses and Plastic parts

Air hoses

A lineup including air cleaner hoses that direct clean air from the air cleaner to the engine, and turbo hoses that direct pressurized hot air with the turbo. In particular, the turbo hoses include specifications up to 200-degrees Celsius for each heat-resistance requirement (AEM, silicon, etc.)

In addition, we are also able to provide silicon rubber hoses with fluororubber lining the inner surfaces in conformance with exhaust gas regulations.

Plastic parts

We have a full lineup of resin components, including hoses for feeding the air required for engine combustion, resonators for suppressing the suction noises, and engine covers that shield radiated noise from the engine and for which design is vital.

Water hoses

These water hoses provide excellent results not only for passenger cars, but also for large vehicles and the wide-bore hoses used on construction machinery. We can satisfy requests for thermal-resistance specifications and electrolytic corrosion-resistance specifications.

Fuel hoses

We can supply fuel filler hoses and vapor hoses conforming to the world’s highest level of transpiration regulations, which have become stricter in light of environmental issues. These (patented) fuel hoses feature a multi-layer structure of resin and elastomer so that they can be used as if they were rubber hoses.
Additionally, we are able to provide fuel hoses with superior cost performance levels that conform to transpiration regulations in Japan and in the EU, as well as special fuel hoses, including flame-resistant types for use on personal watercraft, and hoses for use with LNG and CNG.